Yep! You heard it right…

Google, the giant search engine has started working on a new formula for its search rankings, now all the brands, businesses and celebrities will have the full privilege to post directly on the search results.

Not only the posting, but they would also be able to have a dedicated nosh for the search engine to build directly. Google is letting celebrities and businesses post directly to search results

The latest feature has already been in practice for over a month after the search engine had enabled the US politicians to post their interactive campaign pledges as well as the debating the points which could simply be swiped, tapped, or clicked to divulge more in-depth detail.

After the enormous success of this initiative, Google is now to take its precedent, one step ahead by embracing the small businesses, brands, celebrities and other famous individuals, however, the system would be only for a time being as google is running the trial.

It is the most pioneering in a long line of innovation, which has so been brought into use by Google as it seeks to construct a more interactive search platform for its flagship product.

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