Choosing between the idle SEO solutions could be devastating. Both, marketers and brands have to consider which stratagems, tactics or the service providers are capable of bringing SEO campaigns to life. The article is specially written to crash the contemplation and to aid the brands to choose the best SEO solution that could compete with the needs of their brands.

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Agency v/s Platforms

While evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of an agency vs. platform solutions, the major causes could be abated to four common fundamentals which range from resources to responsiveness, and capability to proficiency.


Professional SEO Agencies endow you with the proactive SEO that enables brands to have the grip over the strategy and excellence, however, they are often found to be too expensive. They hold the great capability of bringing a human constituent to the search that aids in assessing the problems. Such endeavors made by them are rather sustained and steep as compared to the platform solutions. Also, some partners require the agreements with candid vows. One can have the SEO platforms over the short period contracts, often at a fair cost.


Various platforms bestow the paradigm service types that demand the users acquiesce the requirements through online systems where other proposes delegates. But, they majorly focus on being unconsidered to issues than hands-on the requirements of your brand. Agencies are particularly prepared to offer more dutiful and customized services to the punters.

SEO Agency vs Platforms


By developing the tailored SEO strategies according to your needs, agencies mean to proffer more control of overall digital marketing strategies. Since a lot of agencies provide comprehensive marketing solutions, they can easily comprise SEO in rest of marketing components like content, advertising, and web design. And this ends up with the more efficient and wide-ranging SEO plan that could engender results crosswise the channels. On the other hands, platforms proffer clients with less integration, but they can too offer a diverse kind of packaged SEO solutions that can shore up erstwhile digital marketing, workflow and content marketing strategies.


SEO platforms can potentially offer expertise with the monarchy of search, but not on a larger scale. They offer the software solutions which prove to be affordable. Since software power lacks the human element; it ultimately results in the selecting between the keyword searches and the page sections. Platform solutions, if properly manage than they can easily drive the SEO. But they are somewhere limited in optimizing the manifold digital marketing channels. On the other hand, SEO Agencies have big teams with years of experience which can easily match up with the ever-changing needs of the market.

So, here are a few final questions you must ask yourself before making an informed decision to meet your brand’s needs. Read here…

  • Can the CMS of your website or its shopping cart easily make the SEO related updates such as- Custom URLs, Meta Data and Unique Pages, without any IT support?
  • Do you rank higher on SERPs than your competitor or you’re on back pages?
  • Has your website ever been hit by any search engine penalization?
  • Ask yourself whether you have a proper technical team and website content that understands the SEO and able to devote at least 50% of their time on it?
  • Ensure whether you have a qualified PR or content team that could curate the optimized content and external link building to back the SEO by categorizing the partners and publishers.
  • See whether you have a huge website with oodles of categories and numbers of distinctive products?
  • Are you dealing with a highly competitive industry? Are you paying above than the average CPC?
  • Is your domain new or less than two years?
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